Jaisalmer is indeed one of the most contrasting cities in the country.  There is a lot that the city has to give if you are out in Jaisalmer for a vacation or tour. Though, the city is primarily known for its deserts, there is numerous destinations across the city premises and beyond that indeed gets you an experience like nowhere else. But , all you need is to have a

Jaisalmer was once a major trading city in the western parts of India. And what would otherwise seem as a sleeping desert city has more than what really reflects with the initial impression of this beautiful city with the golden sands.  Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City is indeed a cultural and architectural destinations for those seeking the better references to the Indian influence in Architecture and designs. The exemplary

Jaisalmer has always been destined to be a special town in Rajasthan. With an exceptional heritage that has been engraved deeply into the history of Rajasthan. The city has lot to offer if you are out for a vacation. Especially, the areas across the deserts that get you a memorable experience like nowhere else in the country. The region also has been the symbol of culture and heritage that have