The Jaisalmer Tour Packages are classic options to get the best for your vacation in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer in heart of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. IncrediblJaisalmer Tour packagese desert experience awaits you in the beautiful sands of the windswept deserts of Rajasthan with a touch of culture and heritage that is simply amongst the best in the country.


This is a unique tour package that offers a great deal of experience with the nature, culture and the heritage of one of the most prolific and historic city of Rajasthan. You would be provided with the finest of the services and options to get the best of Rajasthan’s most prolific city. The highlights of the package are as follows.

  • Cab and Taxi Services
  • Travel agent Services
  • Safari Services
  • Came Safari
  • Camping opportunities

Special Inclusions

  • Breakfast included with the services.
  • Travel Guide allocated by our facilities in Jaisalmer.

The choice on accommodation in Jaisalmer based on economic and luxury options.

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