jaisalmertaxiwala-44Jaisalmer is a The Golden City of Rajasthan known for its beautiful sands of the Thar Desert. Being the best desert city in the country is not the sole pride of the city. The city is one of the most beautiful princely states in the country. The city has some of the most magnificent temples and forts that showcase the medieval grandeur with the Indian influence. A visit to the beautiful city of Jaisalmer is worth every bit of your time in the state of Rajasthan. The city has some of the most vibrant cultures that have existed over the decades and the palatial structures reveal the lost glory of the flourishing civilization that thrived in the region.

One of the finest ways to get close to the true beauty of the city of Jaisalmer is to get a Taxi and Cab service to get you to some of the most exclusive locations in the city. If you do not a proper time pictured for your trip, you could actually miss out on the most that the magnificent city has to provide. Though, the city is not big as compared to many of the other historic cities in the country, the city has too many resources to surprise and tantalize you with some of the most memorable experience that includes the serenity of the sun-drenched sands of the Thar deserts and the royalty of the city that has been one of the most prominent names in the history of the country. The roads are classic and great and your back won’t hurt to get around the entire city all the day locamel-safari2ng. So, get busy and check out some of the sights and attractions of the best desert destination in the country.

If you do get Jaisalmer Tour packages, have a pre-scripted note on the places to visit. Else, it is very likely that you would need to change plans every now and then. What makes Jaisalmer, one of the most distinct kinds of cities to visit is simply because of the rich heritage and culture of the city that have withstood time to tell the story yet again. Every monument and the architectural marvel of the city have a story to tell. So, you need a good bit of time to get engaged and revive the best of the experience of this beautiful desert city. If not for just the historical references, the city is also one of the most happening places for some scrumptious delicacies and elite dining experience. This city is one big deal for a tourist and really need a collated effort to get the best of the city with the finest of the class that is on offer.

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